Seed list

Currently available seeds – collected in 2014:
Atropa belladonna – Deadly nightshade
Coffea arabica (whole berries – picked on demand)
Trichocereus peruvianus – Peruvian Torch cactus
Trichocereus pachanoi – San Pedro cactus
Trichocereus sp. – San Pedro cactus family
Lophophora williamsii – Peyote cactus
Lophophora sp.

Tiny Tim
Striped cavern

Currently available seeds – collected in 2013:
Lepidium meyenii – Maca
Leonotis nepetifolia – Lion’s tail / Wild Dagga
Ephedra sinensis – Mormons tea
Codariocalyx gyroides – Telegraph plant
Sceletium tortuosum – Kanna

Currently available live plants:
Calea zacatechichi – Dream Herb – Sanjska zel
Curcuma longa – Trumeric – Kurkuma
Salvia divinorum
Ornithogalum sp. (small bulblets)
Zingiber officinalum – Ginger
Euphorbia leuconeura

Live plants are mainly available as potted plants, but other forms (cuttings, bulbs etc.) may occationally be available.

Unedited seedlist:
Seedlist is in XLS format and was last edited in october 2013. The dates denote the year the seeds were obtained. Third column denotes the source of the seeds (only useful for seed bank management). The list may contain errors.


For information on obtaining seeds from seedbank please contact me by email on contact page.

Wanted seeds and plants:
Ipomoea species (not currently in seedlist)
Solanum species (not currently in seedlist)

If you have any seeds / plants on the list or if you have something that would be interesting to me feel free to contact me 🙂

Other interesting institutions:
For great selection of interesting plants and seeds also check out Zavod Raznolikost:
( Please note that Zavod Raznolikost is not affiliated in any way with Rei-Labs.Net.)